You must bring the following to Your Appointment

  1. Your insurance card (make sure it is current)
  2. A photo ID (required by insurance companies)
  3. Your co-pay (fee depends on your insurance plan)
  4. A list of your current medications

In The Waiting Room

Please be considerate of others in the waiting room. Turn off cell phones, supervise your children, and do not bring in food. Remember many in the waiting room do not feel well.

After Hours Emergencies

If you have a true medical emergency, call 911.

If you have an urgent medical problem that cannot wait until the office re-opens, call (302) 234-9109. You will get a voice message asking you to select 1 to get a doctor on call. Leave a message. Describe your symptoms briefly; state your name and phone number clearly.

Non-Emergency Calls After Hours

Medication refills (234-9109 select 3)
Making an appointment (234-9109 select 4)
Other messages for office staff (234-9109 select 4)
Specialist referrals (234-9109 select 2)
Billing Department (234-2080)
Nurse Line (234-9109, select 5)

Financial Policy

Insurance Coverage:

Your health insurance is a contract between you and your insurance carrier. It is your responsibility to know the terms of your policy regarding coverage, co-pays, co-insurance(s) deductibles, and non-covered services. If you have any questions about your insurance, you will need to contact your carrier directly. Current insurance cards must be presented at every appointment.


Referrals are authorizations for services obtained outside of our office for specialist appointments and diagnostic testing. If a referral is required by your plan, it is your responsibility to obtain it BEFORE services are rendered. A MINIMUM advance notice of 3 business days is required for our office to obtain authorizations.

Missed Appointments:

Canceled appointments require a 24-hour notice. Without 24 hours notice, and if the appointment cannot be re-booked, you will be charged as follows:
$40.00 service fee

Co-pays, Self-Pays, & Outstanding Balances:

ALL co-pays and payments toward deductibles are due at time of service. Co-pays not paid at the time of service will incur a $10.00 service charge. If your account has an outstanding balance, you will be expected to pay before seeing the provider. We accept cash, personal checks, MasterCard and Visa: Any balance not paid after 30 days will incur a $10.00 service fee every month until the balance is paid. All self-pay visits must be paid at the end of your visit or incur the same charges as outstanding balances.

Portal Charge:

At times, providers may charge for their time communicating with patients via the Patient Portal. This will be a minimum charge where either excessive time is spent or the encounter develops into and Evaluation and Management service. In most cases we will bill the insurance carrier, however many times the service is deemed non-covered and patient liability.

Virtual and Telephone Charges:

At times, providers must conduct virtual or telephone visits. These services are usually covered by Medical Coverage. Since Carriers change their policies on these types of visits, reimbursement is ever changing. In most cases we will bill the insurance carrier, however patients are responsible for understanding their medical coverage and will be responsible for any patient liability.

Motor Vehicle Claims:

A copy of your motor vehicle insurance card, claim number companies mailing address, and an insurance company contact name and telephone number must be received prior to your appointment for a motor vehicle accident. We will not bill your Motor Vehicle Insurance Company if your information is not given at the time of service. Payment for services will be due in full at the time of service. Motor Vehicle Claims must be paid promptly without interference from legal representation.

Miscellaneous Fees:

The charge for completing disability, leave of absence, FMLA, and Short-Term Disability forms is $20.00. Physical exam forms not presented at the time of the physical exam may incur a $15.00 service fee. All forms will be completed within 5 business days unless otherwise noted. Additional fees include:

Returned Checks: $30.00 service fee per returned item
Statement Fee: $2.00 per patient
Medical Records: $6.50 per record request (records are available on CD per request)

Medical Letters: $20.00 minimum per letter Rewrite of prescriptions: $5.00 (Including lost prescriptions and prescriptions not picked up prior to expiration)